Locations and sub locations can be added into your Creative Force instance to better track the flow of products as they move around your studio from set to set, or to and from your warehouse. This gives you complete visibility of where an item is at any point in the creative process.

How to add a new location

Browse to the menu "Studio Settings" and click on the Sub-menu "Locations" here you will find a list of already created locations and have the option to add new ones.
Click on "Add" to create a new location and give it a name.

You now have the option to change the name if needed and enable/disable the location.

You can also choose if the location is a "Check-in" location or not (Meaning, if a sample is scanned to a computer with this location it is automatically Checked-in if "Check-in is enabled").

Add address

The last thing to do is to add an address for the location and that is mandatory. 

You can now see the newly created location on the list with a blue dot indicating it is a new one.

Add sub-locations

Sub-locations allow you to have a granular breakdown of different areas of a location. You could breakdown a room in a warehouse into the different clothing rails that you have, or prop locations.

If you click "Edit" on the location you now have an option to create Sub-location(s) and that is by giving it a name and decide if it is a check-in location or not and the option to give it an address. 

You can add as many locations and sub-locations as you wish.


These need to be created via properties and then added to the specific location they relate to.

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