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Talent & Crew (coming soon)
Talent & Crew (coming soon)

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Managing a Commercial Studio involves not only overseeing the production process from sourcing to delivery, but also handling various human resources such as models, photographers, stylists, coordinators, and more. By organizing these operational aspects within the same system as your production tracking, you can streamline the overall management of your studio.

Talent & Crew is a feature available in Creative Force's Planning module. It allows you to quickly access all the information related to your Talents, who are the models that serve as the primary subject of your content, and your Crew, who are the individuals that may be assigned to a session or team on the set and work on the final assets.

First, you must have View or Edit access to Talent & Crew under your User role setting.

Same as other pages in Gamma, you will be able to filter by different values, change the display columns, change the thumbnail size and save/share your own view.

On this page, you can add users by clicking ‘Add’.

Clicking on a user, you will see an Overview slide-in coming from the right side. From this slide-in, you will see the below info regarding the user. All of this info can be added or updated via Edit User.

  • User’s contact sites and links

  • User’s skills

  • User’s agency: A user can be represented by one or more agencies, and you can add that in to the list or create a new agency

  • User’s rates: You can select multiple rates for that user from the existing list or Add custom rate

  • Talent properties

While editing user, you can also select a different image to represent your talent. You can either upload an image you already have in your local drive or select an image from production.

Stay tuned for more to come with this feature!

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