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Cloud Video: External Post QC
Cloud Video: External Post QC
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You can do quality control for your video assets within Gamma. Navigate to the top menu "Tasks" tab and select “External Post QC”.

Only Account Owner and Admin users are able to release the assigned tasks.

The task that has a timeline tag on the thumbnail image will be your video task. When opening the task, you will be prompted to the QC screen.

On the left side, you will see the toolbar icons with the following options to:

  • Color picker

  • Change background color

  • Compare color references between photo product and video product

Know more about QC tool box here.

On the right side, under the Post tab, you can see the file information and the preset specification. Green check marks mean that the requirements are met, otherwise, Creative Force will show an orange mark.

As usual, you can hit space to play the video and use the keyboard shortcut combination of ALT + R to mark the video for rejection. Under the Flow tab on the right hand side, you can see the next step in the workflow if the asset gets rejected or approved.

If Rejected, after clicking Continue, you will be brought to the mark-up screen. Hit ‘space’ on your keyboard to play the video. You can also watch the before-edited video side by side with the one you are QC-ing by clicking on History. From here, you will have the option to Linked Playback which means that the videos are played at the same time so you can check the difference side by side.

Whenever you click on the instruction section, the video will be stopped accordingly. You won’t have to fast-forward or rewind to find the exact moment you want to note down. After writing the notes, hit Ctrl/ Cmd + Enter to save your notes.

You can also search, filter and sort the comments. On the timeline bar, you can see where there are other comments or markups. You can navigate between comments by clicking on the timeline markers. And, by clicking on a comment, the player will also jump to the frame in the video that the comment was made on.

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