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Cloud Video - Post Review
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Post Review for Videos works the same way as for Images. You can refer to the below articles to set it up:

In the Kanban view, tasks that have the time tag will be the indication that its a video file.

Post Review tools

Within the Post Review screen, on the left side, you will have some tools to facilitate your work:

  1. Color picker

  2. Background color

  3. Crop information

You will also have the ability to change the thumbnail size and display or hide the variants. On the right side, you will see the information related to the product.

  • Post contains the video information. You will see the QA warnings if the specifications set up in the preset do not match.

  • Product contains product information like product name and production type

  • Styling contains outfit information if the product is part of an outfit

Post Review actions

Within the Actions drop-down menu, you will have the options to:

  • Download all videos available

  • Export a contact sheet: the contact sheet will contain the video’s thumbnail

  • Reveal in product: all images available at any step and any other production types of this product will be shown. Click ‘Conceal in product’ to hide the extra images.

By right-clicking on a video, you can either download the video, mark it for rejection or use it as an overlay. You can also use Alt+R as the rejection shortcut key. Once you select the videos for rejection, click ‘Continue. You will be brought to the mark-up screen.

When deciding to reject a video we will send this back to the last post-production step prior to Post Review. Meaning if your previous step was External Post it will be rejected back to your External Vendor, while if it was Internal Post it will go back to your Internal Team.

To view the video in full-screen mode, select the video and hit spacebar or use double-click. You will be able to view the rejected version and the existing version side-by-side.

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