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Clients overview

Overview of Clients usage - Part 1

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“Clients” allows you to have multiple separate segments of your production. By dividing your customers/brands into different clients, you can give users access to only the appropriate areas that are relevant to them.

This article contains 4 parts, this is the first part to give you an overview of the Clients. The second part will show you how to edit clients' settings. The third part is about assigning the data source to a client and the fourth part is about reference image alert.

Clients overview

To set up a client, you need to browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings", under 'Account Settings', click on the sub-menu "Clients".

You now see a list of already created clients. Here, you have the option to search for a client, add another one, disable/ delete one, or edit the Clients settings.

Add new client

Click ‘Add’. In the popup, you can add a name for the new client and choose what user group(s) it should belong to or create a new user group for that client. Read more about user groups here. Then hit "Next" and make sure the new client is enabled and 'Save'.

Note: Setting a time zone on the client will determine the accuracy of the reports.

You can also enable/ disable a client. This works when you have a client that currently doesn’t work with you but will in the future. Or you want to set up a client beforehand and don’t want this to be active yet.

Edit clients

In the popup, you will see several settings options. You can read more about the settings here.

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