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HUE desktop app overview
HUE desktop app overview

General use of HUE desktop app

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HUE is our desktop application that allows photo retouching teams to better manage their post-production workflows. HUE has two components, a standalone desktop app, where you can manage all of your tasks, and a Photoshop extension that allows you to manage the images you are editing within Photoshop.

You can download HUE from the below link for both Windows and macOS:

HUE Desktop App

The Hue Desktop app allows you to manage all of the tasks that are available, have been assigned to you, or have been previously completed.

General Settings

Via the three-dot menu on the top right-hand side, you are able to manage a number of different actions.

  • Settings

  • Refresh Available Tasks

  • Debug info

  • Open reference image

  • Logout

The Settings area allows you to control a number of different functions of your overall HUE experience.

In the General Tab, you can choose what happens when you open a HUE task if all images will be opened or just the first. Equally, there is a range of options allowing you to adjust your actions settings once a task has been uploaded.

The Workspace defines the working folder that images will be loaded into while you are working on them. You can also define how long working files remain on your computer before they are purged.

If you have multiple versions of Photoshop installed you can also choose which one HUE will use via the External Applications Tab.


Once you have selected the application path, it is not possible to change it after. You will need to delete this folder {workspace_folder}/application/application-preferences.hue, restart HUE then it will be possible to select a new application here.

If your company uses any proxies in order to access the internet, these settings can be found in the Proxy tab.

The Refresh available tasks action refreshes the available tasks that you can pick.

Once in a blue moon, you may experience one or two issues and you may need to reach out to our support team to rectify the problem. The Debug information gives us helpful information about your setup, which makes solving issues that much easier! Clicking on the Debug info, copy your settings to your clipboard that you can paste into chat or an email.

Open Reference Image option allows you to open up the current reference images associated with the task that you are currently working on.

Updating HUE

From time to time we will roll out a new version of HUE giving it new features, better optimization... To check if you are on the latest version and download the latest version go to 'Help' -> 'About HUE'.

You will then have the option to choose to download HUE automatically.

Tasks Overview

The tasks panel gives you quick insights into the tasks available, what you have to work on right now, and past work that you have done.

As work becomes available in the AVAILABLE tab you are able to pick tasks and assign work to yourself to work on by clicking on the PICK button.

Next to the PICK button, you have a three-dot menu that allows you to get the debug information of the task and the ability to copy its product code.

Once you have picked a task, it will go to your ASSIGNED tab where you can review all of the current tasks available for you to work on. You can pick a range of tasks at once, and they will download in the background as you start actioning the first one.

With the three-dot menu, you again can access the debug information, or unselect a task, which sends it back to the AVAILABLE Tab and the ability to copy the product code.

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