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How to set up user groups in Creative Force

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If you are working with multiple clients in your studio and not all users should be allowed to work with every client, then you are able to limit the access per user if needed.

That would limit the user(s) to only have access to the following for the client(s) in that group:

List screens

  • Jobs list

  • View a job

  • Products list

  • View a product

  • Asset HUB

Task screens

  • Users can only see, pick and start tasks from the clients they have access to.

  • Filters will only show the clients that the user has access to.

  • Managers can only assign tasks to users that have permission to work on the client(s).

Setup elements

The user can only see the setup elements for the client(s) they have permission to see.

  • Style guides

  • Workflows

  • Delivery Methods

  • Post Production Vendors

  • Clients 

How to set up a group

Browse to the menu "Studio Settings" and click on the sub-menu "User groups" here you will find a list of already created user groups and have the option to add a new one. "All Clients" is the default and already created by Creative Force and should be used for all users if you only work with one client or give access to all clients.

Click on "Add" and give the new group a name and hit "Next".

You now get the option to choose between access for "All clients" and "Limited Clients".
Click on "Limited Clients" and use the radio buttons to mark "Yes" for the clients the user group should have access to see and work with.

Add users

Finally, you click on the sub-menu "Users" in the left menu and hit "Add" here you can search for the specific users by their user name or email and click "Add" to put them in this user group and thereby give them access to the clients you have chosen. 

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