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Assign Data source to a Client
Assign Data source to a Client

Editing Clients - Part 3

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This is the 3rd part of 'Client overview' article. You can read the 2nd part about the other settings in Editing client here. And the last part about Reference image alerts here.

You can learn to set up a Data source here. After setting up a data source, you can assign that data source to your client.

Go to Clients under your Account Settings and then click ‘Edit’

From the drop-down list, you will find all the existing data sources you have in your studio. The data sources that have a green dot are the ones ready to be connected. Then click ‘Save’.

After selecting a data source, you will see two check boxes available:

  • Keep imported products and samples updated

  • Add additional samples when updating: When updating from data source, additional samples that are not already added to the system will be added as additional samples.

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