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To search for a specific result is good but to filter multiple results will give you a broader view and not miss anything!

Within the Settings Area in Gamma, you will have the ability to filter the results with different criteria keeping your instance running smoothly.


In the Users tab, you can filter by the following criteria:

  • State: Any/ Enabled/ Disabled

  • Role: Any or the existing roles you already have

  • Employment: Any/ Permanent/ Freelance

  • User group: Any/ All clients/ existing clients you already have

  • Skill: Select a specific skill or multiple skills or only show results that have all the selected skills

Resource users

In Resource users tab, you can filter by:

  • State

  • Employment

  • Skill

User roles

In User roles tab, you can filter by the user’s name

User group

In User group, you can filter by:

  • State

  • User

  • Client


Here, you can filter the clients according to:

  • State

  • User group


In this Webhooks tab, you can filter if any webhooks are disabled or enabled. You can also filter the webhooks according to the event that triggers it.


You can filter the locations by the state, type and zone. For example, you can see how many locations you have as a check-in zone and are studio type.


For the containers, you can filter by the following:

  • State

  • Type

  • Location

  • Sub-location: As soon as you select a location, the sub-location filter will show the values


For presets, you can filter by the clients:

Data Source

For data source, you can filter it by the method you use to set it up and by the clients who are using it.


Here, you can filter by the type of post-production you have.

Product vendors

Here, you can filter the vendors by the state and their image request level.

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