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We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you! 

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Client permission for users

As an admin user, it is now possible to limit the access and ability to work on selected clients for user groups or a specific user(s).

Check-in & Check-out without a scope 

For the check-in and check-out flows, it is no longer mandatory to select one or more jobs for the flow to begin. With the 'unlimited' option it is now possible to check-in/ check-out samples for any product that exists within Creative Force. 

Additional features and functionality

'Internal Post Management' becomes 'Internal Post' - We've renamed 'Internal Post Management' to 'Internal Post' and repositioned it between 'External post QC' and Internal Post QC' to better reflect its position in the workflow.

Edit preset - We've reduced the limitations on editing presets to enhance usability and flexibility with this feature. Presets can always be edited when they are not in use in a running task. If they are used in running task and the:

  • User wants to delete preset → not possible

  • User wants to edit the content of each variant → possible

  • User wants to add new variant → possible

User wants to delete a variant:

  • If Style guide has “Variant specific = disabled” → possible

  • If Style guide has “Variant specific = enabled” → not possible

🥳 Copy product code - Finally, the product code on each card in the task kanban board can now be highlighted and copied (again!).


Workspace setting for Kelvin

As announced, we've added a new 'Workspace' setting to Kelvin. In the Workspace setting the user defines the path to store Kelvin's working files, such as transfers and style guides, as well as the time-period for transfers to be saved.
The initial setup for Kelvin's Workspace settings will be completed in an onboarding flow as shown in the example below.

Additional features and functionality

Faster outfit creation - We've optimised they process of creating outfits in Kelvin by reducing the number of clicks required to add a product(s) to an outfit.

Image Tone Down on drop - If the user has defined that transferred files should be 'toned done', the file(s) will now tone down immediately after dropping the on the position. 

Mark-up button - The mark-up botton is now shown immediately on the image when trying to add instructions.

Slow network warning - Kelvin is monitoring the speed of the users internet connection. If the user is running on a slow network we display a warning


Slow network warning - As in Kelvin, HUE is also monitoring the speed of the users internet connection. If the user is running on a slow network we display a warning.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via product@creativeforce.io.

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