To access the Workflow settings, browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on 'Workflows'. 

Click on the 'Add Workflow' button to create a new workflow or select an existing Workflow to edit from the list displayed. Then select the 'Photography' section.

Workflows: Post-Production

External Post-Production

Enable or disable an external post-production step for the workflow (default value is 'enabled').
Select a 'primary' post-production vendor - the vendor who will automatically receive images produced via this workflow - from the drop-down list of vendors set up in Creative Force. Read more about setting up post-production vendors here.

You are also able to add additional vendors to the workflow. When additional vendors are listed, you offer users the ability to manually override the primary vendor in the workflow, sending product images to one of the additional vendors listed here.

Turning on the 'Bypass' option allows users to manually bypass the external post-production step, pushing the images directly to the next stage of the workflow. 

It is also possible to bypass the quality check of external post-production tasks by activating 'Bypass External Post QC'.

The default value for both of these bypass options is 'off'.

Internal Post-Production

Enable or disable an internal post-production step for the workflow (default value is 'enabled').

Activating 'Bypass Internal Post QC' allows images to move from internal post-production directly to Asset Delivery, avoiding the quality check step.

The default value for both 'Enforce Internal Post' and 'Bypass Internal Post QC' options is 'off'.

Please note: If your workflow includes both External and Internal Post-production, you must activate 'Enforce Internal Post'. This ensures the manual bypass of external post-production results in images moving to the Internal Post-Production step, rather than directly to Asset Delivery.
The correct settings for this scenario can be seen in the image below: 

Variant Creation

If both External and Internal Post-production are enabled, you can define at which post-production step image variants are created.  Read more about setting up image variants here.

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