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Change post-production vendor
Change post-production vendor

How to change post-production vendor on products

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If you have more than one post-production vendor and you would like to have the flexibility in changing the vendors on specific products, Creative Force now allows you to change the post vendors on the work unit level.

Depending on the workflow, you will be able to select between the vendors you have added. You can add up to two product vendors in one production type.

With the below example, I will have a workflow with two production types On Model and Flat. Product A follows On Model and Product B follows Flat.

Product A can be changed to Vendor 1 or Vendor 2 but not to Vendor 3 because its flow doesn’t have the Vendor 3. The same as Product B, it can only be changed to Vendor 2 or Vendor 3 but not to Vendor 1.

You can change the post-vendor on the Production page and the Products page. This action can be done in bulk or in a single work unit.

To bulk changing the post-vendor, you will need to select multiple products and head to ‘Actions’ -> Change Post vendors. All selected products will then have the same post-vendor.

To change the post-vendor on a single work unit, select the product then go to the three-dot menu and select ‘Change Post Vendor’.

On the Products page, you will find another three-dot menu on top of the work unit.

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