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July 14th - Sprint 54 Release Notes πŸš€
July 14th - Sprint 54 Release Notes πŸš€

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Hi there πŸ‘‹

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you!

Happy reading!
Matthias and the product team


Workflow updates

We released several updates to the Workflows to improve flexibility and to prepare for future functionality (such as the vendor portal and copywriting).

Please find the changes below:

We have moved the production types to the general settings of the workflow to allow for individual settings for each activated production type.

The color reference setting has also moved to the general settings as it affects all production types.

The final asset delivery can now be defined on production type level. This allows the user to set up individual delivery destinations for each production type.

The post-production flows can now also be defined on production type level. This allows the user to set up different post-production flows for each activated production type.

To simplify the complex settings options, we have introduced clearly defined post-production flows:

  • Outsourcing Post-production completed entirely by an external vendor.

  • Outsourcing with Exception handling An outsourced post-production model, with the option to divert images to an internal post-production team for finishing touches as necessary.

  • Hybrid A hybrid post-production model, with images initially sent out to an external vendor prior to being finalized by an internal team.

  • Internal Post Post-production completed entirely by an internal team.

  • No Post No post-production - selected images are sent directly to the final asset delivery destination

  • Overflow A Post-production model focused on an internal team, with the option to manually select products to be sent out to an external vendor.

Please note: Existing Style guides and Workflows have been migrated to the new functionality. There is no update from the User required. Flow maps for each option are available in the workflow setup.

New Check-in flow with property update

We have released a new check-in flow which allows the user to update one or more selected properties while checking in samples.

Delete Job update

When deleting a job the user can now determine if the related samples should be deleted as well. Per default, the option to delete the related samples is switched off.

Samples will not be deleted:

  • If they are already checked-in/checked-out.

  • If they are the last samples in a pool that is used by products of another job.

Original file created date/time filter in Assets

With this release, we now import the original file created date/time of uploaded assets to our database. This new timestamp describes the date and time when the image was captured (metadata generated by the camera).

This is recorded in Creative Force in the 'File created (date)' property - all uploaded Imagery can now be filtered by this property in Assets.

Please note: We will go back and pull the original file created date/time data for the existing assets over the next sprint.

Update to metadata creation

We have brought the metadata creation step earlier in the production process. Once an image has completed the photography stage the metadata is written to the images, prior to being sent to the post-production step.

If any metadata is not available at this stage will be added at the asset delivery step.

Questions, ideas, or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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