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New workflow engine announcement
New workflow engine announcement
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Workflows are the backbone of the studio production, they provide visibility to which step the product currently in and which process is coming next. As vital as it is to the production process, it can be occasionally inflexible when unplanned changes come up.

We are working on a new workflow engine from our backend. The aim is to allow you to be more agile and more effective when changing process after a product has been imported.

Starting Jan 16th, 2024 we have deployed the first changes to our workflow engine.

When you are using the Workflow Outsourcing with exception handling or Hybrid (Internal → External) with exception handling, from the Product slide-in, the Internal Post and Internal Post QC steps will be hidden if the products do not run through them.

When you are using the Hybrid (External → Internal → Internal) flow, after bypassing at External Post and the task is at To do in Internal Post L2, and you want to re-send the images to External Post, the system will run through three steps to trigger this action, from the Event log you will see:

  • ExternalPostProductionReNew,

  • ExternalPostProductionQcReNew,

  • InternalPostProductionRenew.

Now, sending the images to External Post for this scenario, trigger only the ‘Reset production to External Post’ event.

The new workflow engine does not stop here, we will gradually improve it and introduce new things to our existing flows. Stay tuned for the updates!

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