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June 20th - Sprint 26 Release Notes ๐Ÿš€
June 20th - Sprint 26 Release Notes ๐Ÿš€

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Hi there, ๐Ÿ‘‹

As announced in the last release notes, we have made a major update to Creative Force, including many new features and the new Desktop App HUE. ย 

We are very excited to share this with you, in addition to giving an overview in the following notes, our team will reach out to you individually for a demo within the next few days!

Happy reading!
Matthias and the product team


Instructions for external/internal post-production

Users are now able to add instructions / markings for external and internal post-production. All instructions / markings will be accessible for external post-production vendors, internal post-production editors, final selection and quality control steps.


Support for five different post-production models

With the latest release Creative Force, it now supports up to five different post-production models that can be set up on workflow level:

  • Outsourcing model - External vendor will handle 100% of post-production.

  • Outsourcing model w/ internal exception handling - Internal post-production has the option to finalise images after external post.ย 

  • Hybrid model - External post-production will do foundation retouching first before the internal post-production team finishes the images.ย 

  • Internal post-production model - Internal team handles 100% of post-production.

  • No post-production model - no post-production required

Post-production QC

To all external and internal post-production steps, we have added a new quality control (QC) step. Images processed in internal or external post-production, are being added as a task to a new quality control kanban. The quality control is performed on a dedicated screen with access to product data, style guides, as well as instructions / markings.

In the quality control step, images can be reviewed, approved, and rejected to the previous step incl. comments / markings and assigned to internal post-production (Outsourcing model w/ internal exception handling).


Management tasks and files for internal post-productionย 

Every set of product images which are to be processed in internal post-production create a new task in HUEs kanban view. These tasks can be picked by the available editors to assign them to their own task list. Once a task has been picked, the related files are downloaded automatically to the editor computer and then made available to be opened directly in HUEs Photoshop panel. When all images of a task have been processed, HUE automatically uploads the files again.

HUE Photoshop panel

The panel provides all required information for the internal editor to retouch the product images without leaving Photoshop. The editor can access the on position level defined presets, retouching guidelines, as well as 'good' and 'bad' image examples. The panel also shows a live status on the retouching progress and supports the editor in finishing all images of a task before starting to retouch a new one.

Additional features

  • The assets output naming setting is now located in a separate tab named 'Assets'.

  • In the tab 'Assets', the defined presets can now be assigned to a style guide position.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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