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What is more powerful than seeing the past, the present and the future all in one place? Seeing the progress and the upcoming steps of a product is important to keep track and make reports. But Creative Force also allows you to check the history events of a product that will be incredibly useful to understand any drawbacks in the production.


The event log will show data starting from October 2022.

Enable Event Log Access on Studio level

Only Account Owner or Admin of the studio can enable the event log access. After turning this feature on, you can then set this up on the user role’s level.

To enable the Event Log Access, go to Studio Settings -> Security Settings.

After filling in your password, scroll down to the Event Log Access settings and turn on the toggle.

  • When Event Log Access is enabled, users with the appropriate User Role Permissions will be able to view the event log.

  • When disabled, no users will be able to view the event log.


  • After enabling the Event log access, you will need to reload all Gamma pages to see the feature.

  • The permission is cached, you might need to wait up to 60 minutes to see the change.

Enable Event Log Access on User role’s level

Go to User Roles under Users & Permissions. Event log access is automatically enabled for the Account Owner and Administrator, for other roles, you will have to enable it individually.

Product event log

You can see the product event log via the three-dots menu in the product slide-in on the Production page and the Products page.

Sample event log

You can see the sample event log via the three-dots menu in the sample slide-in by hovering over the Logistics menu and from there on the Sample page.

Workflow event log

Workflow event log can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Actions’ button.

Style Guide event log

Style Guide event log can be accessed via the three-dots menu by hovering over the style guide or via the Actions button when you edit the Style Guide.

Event log actions

On the event log view, you will be able to do the following actions:

  • Filter the log by Date & Time, User, Event Name and Step.

  • Use the free text box to search for the Event Name, User name and the Details.

  • Download the data in .CSV

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