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How to Save User Skills as a Template
How to Save User Skills as a Template
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The following article will cover some tips and tricks that will make adding user skills a quick and easy process.

Add Users in bulk and save User skills as a template

You may encounter circumstances where you find yourself needing to add many users that require the same skills within Creative Force at the same time, saving common skills that are frequently used for the same role as a template can help speed up the process.

Let’s say you have a group of retouchers starting work in Creative Force, they all work together and in the same studio. First, you may want to consider creating a role specific to this group of folks, this can be done on the User Roles tab here:

Select Add Role and give it a name, for our example, we’ll call the Role “NW Studio Retoucher”

From this page you can choose the permissions that will be specific to any user assigned this role, to read more on permissions check out this article.

Now that we’ve created our Role, we can move on to adding our users. Navigate to the Users & Permissions category and select “Users”. From here, select “Add”:

In this case, I have a few users who I already know will require the same skills under the NW Studio Retoucher role so I’ll go ahead and add their emails to the email box, however, adding emails is not required to save skills as templates. If you are wanting to go ahead and configure your roles with specific skills and save them to add users at a later time, you are able to do so.

At this stage, I’ve added the emails for my retouching team to the Email field and have selected the NW Studio Retoucher role from the Roles dropdown. Now I just need to assign the appropriate skills. For my team, I’ve selected Internal Post > Retouching and Internal Post > Quality Control. You’ll notice below, that as soon as I select a skill, the option becomes available to save the skill selection as a template for this role.

I’ll go ahead and select Save Skills to save this role’s skills as a template to use in the future. Once saved, the system will notify me that the skills selected match the role:

Let’s say a few weeks go by and we have a new group of retouchers joining the studio. Good news! We can now simply add the emails of the new users, select the role from the dropdown, and enable client access and the skills previously saved to this role will automatically be selected.

This makes bulk-adding users who may have complex skill configurations (or a lot of skills in general) a breeze!

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