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How to setup user roles in Creative Force

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Add User Role

To set up User Roles in Creative Force, navigate to the menu "Studio Settings", under 'Users & Permissions', select "User Roles".

By default, Account Owner and Administrator are the user roles you already have in Gamma. Here, you will also see a list of existing roles you have created.

Click on "Add" to add a new role then type in the name for the new role and click "Next".

Access for User Role

Once the new roles have been added, you can decide what access the new role should have. You have 3 options for all areas in Creative Force.

  • NONE - Meaning you don't have access to that area.

  • VIEW - Meaning you can access and view but are not able to change anything.

  • EDIT - Meaning you can access, view, and change it.


Account means the settings of your account, this includes workflows, style guides, and preset settings… To avoid any possible mistakes with the account settings, with new user roles set up, the system does not allow changes to the following settings:

  • User settings

  • User roles

  • User groups

  • Security settings

  • Developers

  • SSO Settings


Here, you can decide which level of access the new role can have with the three main functions in Ecom: Production, Jobs, Products and Outfits view.

The Outfits view will give you the option to create outfits in Gamma.


Where you decide the level of access to the Samples page.


Here you can decide if the role can access Photography Management - our Kelvin app and Internal Post Management - our HUE app and Internal Post kanban view.


Where you decide the level of access to the Assets page.


Where you decide the level of access to the Wardrobe page.


Where you decide the level of access to the Insights page to see the reports.

Developer API

This is dedicated to your IT personnel.

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