Add User Role

To set up User Roles in Creative Force you should browse to the menu "Studio Settings" and click on the menu "User Roles".
Here you will find a list of already created roles and have the option to add more.
Click on "Add" to add a new role then type in the name for the new role and click "Next".

Access for User Role

Once you have done that you can decide what access the new role should have. You have 3 options for all areas in Creative Force.

  • NONE - Meaning you don't have access to that area.

  • VIEW - Meaning you can access and view but are not able to change anything.

  • EDIT - Meaning you can access, view, and change it. 

When you have done all the settings for each area and click "Save" the new Role is ready to use and users can be added to it. 

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