In this article, we will show you how to add new users to Creative Force and how to give them the right skills, roles, and user groups.

Add a new user

Browse to the menu "Studio Settings" and click on "Users". Here you will find already added users and have the option to add more.
Click on "Add" and a pop-up shows where you can choose if the user is a:

  • Full-time user

  • Day pass user

  • Resource user

Then click on "Next" to type in an email and assign a "Role" for the user and click "Invite". The invitation will last for 3 days. You can read more about how to set up User Roles here.

Once you have sent the invite you can find the new user in the list marked with a blue dot showing that the invite is pending and waiting for the new user to accept the invite. 

Add settings on new user

You can now click "Edit" on that user and finish the settings.

  • Add *name and profile picture

  • Choose if the new user is a permanent / Freelance employee

  • Change Role if needed

  • Add contact info

  • Add *Skills (Read more about Skills here)

  • Add properties if the new user is a model (Resource user)

  • Add what "*User Group" the new user should be in (Read more about how to set up User Groups here). 

  • Get back-up codes for 2FA.

  • Change from Full-time user to Day pass user or vice versa.

Bullets marked with * are mandatory for the user to work with Creative Force.

Once the new user has accepted the invite and created credentials for Creative Force he/she is good to go. 

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