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Suggested user roles & user skills
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Within your studio team, you most likely have team members in various roles. In Creative Force, team members can be granted/ denied access to various environments, based on their User role. Setting up the user roles in advance will save time when you have new team members coming.

This article is a reference only, if you need further insights please always feel free to reach out to the Onboarding team or your Customer Success Manager.

  • Admin

  • Photographer

  • Stylist

  • Art director

  • Retoucher

  • Quality control

Please note the definition of access. You have 3 options for all areas in Creative Force.

  • NONE - Meaning you don't have access to that area.

  • VIEW - Meaning you can access and view but are not able to change anything.

  • EDIT - Meaning you can access, view, and change it.


User role: By default, all the permissions are locked as ‘Edit’ for Administrators except for Insights and Developers API - these can be marked as View or Access. This means that they have access to all places in Creative Force and can change any data.

User skill: Depending on your needs, you don't necessarily have to have any skills assigned to the admin.


User role: The photographer should be able to ‘view’ workflows, style guides, productions, jobs, products and samples. Most importantly, they need to have ‘edit’ permissions to the Photography management and 'access' to Photography & Final Selection in Kelvin

User skill: The photographer needs the ‘photographer’ skill. So later on, you can filter the user by skill and this data will be used as Team on Set data as well.


User role: The stylist will be in charge of creating outfits so this role should be able to ‘edit’ products, samples, styling wardrobe, outfit views. With the rest, you can set up the ‘none’ or ‘view’ access.

User skill: The stylist should have ‘Outfit combination’, 'Assistant' and 'Stylist'. This data can then be used as filter value and Team on Set data.

Art director

User role: The art director should be able to ‘view’ the workflows, production, jobs, products, samples outfits, styling wardrobe..etc. This role should be able to ‘edit’ style guides, preset settings and assets to determine the final images.

User skill: The Art Director should have, of course, ‘Art Director’ skill and the outfit combination and QC. This data can then be used as filter value and Team on Set data.


User role: Retoucher’s main job will require ‘edit’ permission to Internal post management and 'access' to Internal Post under Task Execution, with the rest you can choose ‘none’.

User skill: The retoucher needs ‘Retouching’ skill. This data can then be used as a filter value.

Quality control

User role: QC personnel should be able to ‘view’ workflows, style guides, and presets, productions and jobs. They will need to ‘edit’ permissions to products to either reject or approve the products. They also need to 'access' QC Task execution.

User skill: QC team, as stated in their role, must have the QC skill. This data can then be used as a filter value.


  • Only users who have Photography and Talent skills can be added to Team On Set.

  • Click the hyperlink to learn more about Skills and User Roles in Creative Force.

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