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Editorial User Set-up

Enabling Editorial access for users

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Enabling Editorial Access for Admins

We love helping teams communicate and that includes helping everyone understand who owns what work. In Editorial, users can be assigned as project owners and/or as deliverable owners. In order to control who can do what in Editorial, we first need to assign our users permissions.

When Editorial is turned on in your account, you'll need to make two changes to any user's permissions who will be working inside the Editorial module.

First, for your Administrator role, you'll need to enable editing for Editorial to allow your admins to access the Editorial Project Tab and the rest of the Editorial Features. Navigate to your studio’s logo in the top right corner of the screen and select Studio Settings. Then select User Roles, followed by 'view'. On the left hand side you will see a tab for Editorial. There you will be able to adjust Editorial Permissions.

Defining Editorial Skills

Project Manager

User’s who have the Editorial Project Manager skill turned on are able to be assigned as Project Manager on Editorial Projects.

Deliverable Owner

Users who have the Deliverable Owner skill turned on are available to be assigned to manage individual deliverables within a project.

Editing Editorial User Permissions

First, find your "Studio Settings" under your studio name and logo in the top right corner of Gamma.

Under 'Studio Settings' you should see a 'Users' tab in the vertical menu on the left. Select "Edit" on the user you want to edit and then navigate to the 'Skills' tab.

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