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Workflows - Settings
Workflows - Settings
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To access the Workflow settings, navigate to the Production tab and click on the "Workflows" menu:

On the left side is the list of existing Clients and Workflows that you have.

Click on the 'Add Workflow' button to create a new workflow or edit an existing Workflow by selecting from the list on the left of the screen.

Workflow name

Add a name for the workflow, this is the name you will select when associating a workflow with a Style Guide(s). Read more here about associating a workflow with a Style Guide.

Enable workflow

Enable or disable the workflow - disabled workflows cannot be associated with a Style Guide(s). The default value is 'enabled'.

Production types

By default, we have six production types which are On Model, Mannequin, Flats, Overhead, Tabletop, Hanger. You can also create your own production type here.

If you edit the production types, you will need to edit the Photography and Post-production settings accordingly in order for Creative Force to allow you to save the changes

Color reference

We have an article relating to the color reference here.

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