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How to reset production
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During a production, errors might occur that you just don’t realize in time. That is where resetting production comes in, you are able to move a production type back to a previous step to be completed again.

Reset a single product

  1. Go to the ‘Products’ tab. Search for the product and pick it.

For example: This product has 2 production types. The On Model is in To Do at Photography and with the Tabletop, it is currently in Internal Post. With Tabletop, you can reset it to the previous steps which are Photography, Final Selection, or Photo Review. And with On Model, you can reset it to Photography.

  1. Click the 3 dots menu on the product and choose ‘Reset production’

2. Reset box will appear giving you the option to reset the product to whichever step is available. You can also 'switch off' any Production Types that you do not wish to reset.

Reset multiple products

  1. Go to ‘Products’ tab and select multiple products. Click ‘Actions’ then ‘Reset production’.

2. Reset box will appear. Since the products are from different style guides and workflows, Creative Force will separate them into different segments. From here, you can select which reset option you would like to apply to each product.

Reset multiple products according to Style Guide/ Workflow updates

After making changes in the Style guide or/and Workflow, you will need to apply these changes to products that are already in the system. Newly imported products will be automatically on the new version of the Style guide/ Workflow. We don't apply Style Guide and Workflow updates to products that are in the system automatically as Creative Force does not know if a change is only for future products or existing products in the system.

Applying a new version of the Style guide/ Workflow to the existing products will, at the same time, reset these products to the Photography step.

  1. Go to Style guides -> Actions -> Apply updates

2. This popup box will appear. On the left side, you can filter the products by Clients, Workflow, Style guide, and Production status. On the right side, you can see all the products that can be updated.

3. You can choose multiple products or all products to update.


As mentioned at the beginning, resetting a product can bring it back to the previous step in production, giving you the chance to fix any errors. For you to redo the product, Creative Force will delete all the assets associated with that product. This means that if you reset ‘in progress’ products, all the existing assets up to the current step will be deleted. Please note that it is not possible to undo a production reset.

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