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We have built our Vendor Portal feature to enable our customers to bring in images that they have not produced.

Once you are into the Vendor portal you will be met with a To Do, Doing and Done Kanban view. When your client sends you images requests, they will appear in the To Do column, in Doing when you are actioning the request, and Done once the images have been uploaded to your client.

You can click the three-dot menu next to a task to access the Image Requirements and Debug info.

Besides that, there are a few other functions that you can take advantage of.

  • You can upload your images via the blue UPLOAD button. This is where you can submit images to be assigned to the relevant jobs your customer has requested

  • If there is a specific product that you are looking for, you can use the SEARCH bar in order to locate the one you are after

  • The ACTIONS tab allows you to export all of the data from the Vendor Portal to a CSV file.

  • The bell icon will show you the system messages either a success message or an error message.

  • The top right corner of your screen is the Profile where you can access MY SETTINGS, DEBUG INFO, or Log Out. To learn more about Debug Information, check out this article.

Within MY SETTINGS you have four main areas, SETTINGS, CONTACT INFO, DATE & TIME, AND 2FA.

Within SETTINGS you can select a profile picture, and change your first and last name.

CONTACT INFO allows you to set up your contact information, while DATE & TIME can be changed to match your preferences.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) can be set up for additional security on your account.

Finally, the lock icon in the bottom left corner allows you to change your password.

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