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Using Vendor Portal as a vendor - Bulk upload
Using Vendor Portal as a vendor - Bulk upload
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When you are ready to submit images to the Vendor portal you can either do so in bulk by uploading a group of images at once or individually by selecting a particular product.

Click 'Upload' and then select multiple sets of images as needed.

Once the loading is completed, you can either choose to upload more images via the OPTIONS tab or map a group of images that have already been uploaded.

Next, click on Auto-mapping which opens up the mapping tab. You will see the three options to automap.

1. Look for material number in the file name

In case you provide your own material/product ID to your client, we are able to map that code in the file name to the appropriate product if your client uploads that data under 'Vendor material code' into Creative Force. If all the setup from your client is correct, you should then tick the box 'Map files to positions automatically' to be able to automap the images to the positions.

2. Look for the product code in the file name

This is almost the reverse of the last option. If your client provides their product code data to you, you can embed that information into the file name and have it auto mapped to the appropriate products. Select the box 'Map files to positions automatically' to be able to automap the images to the positions.

3. Look for asset output name in the file name

If your customer has given you a defined file naming convention to follow, we can also look for this pattern and auto-assign the images. This option will map the image to the exact position as set in the Style guide.

If successful, you will then see the suggested mapping and can turn off any by unticking a checkbox.

If all images are mapped successfully, the manual mapping step will be skipped automatically. You will be moved to the Done screen.

The tasks that are correctly mapped will have the green check-box next to them. After that, you will be able to submit all the mapped files. The images will then be uploaded to Creative Force.

In case you ever have questions or challenges you can reach out to us via live support in the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or by emailing

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