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Using Vendor Portal as a vendor - Manual upload
Using Vendor Portal as a vendor - Manual upload
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When you are ready to submit images to the Vendor portal you can either do so in bulk by uploading a group of images at once or individually by selecting a particular product.

To do a single product at a time, you can either click 'Start' next to the product in the 'To Do' column or upload the files then choose 'Manual-mapping'.

If you click 'Start' next to a product, you will be able to upload images directly to that product and then map them to the required positions.

If you upload the files first, then select 'Manual-mapping', you will be able to map the images to the product. You can either drag and drop the image to the product or select the image then hover over the product and click 'map'.

You will then see the product in the 'Doing' column and the number of images available for the product. Click 'Continue' next to the product and start mapping the images to the required positions.

Once the image request has been opened, you will see on the right-hand side, the appropriate StyleGuide for the request, outlining the images you need to submit, with visual examples.

Next to each position, it will outline the number of images you can submit for each. It can either be an exact number or a predefined range depending on your customer's needs.

If your request level is set to be 'Pre-selection' by your customer, then your style guide panel will look like the below. It still contains all the necessary information and you don't need to do the drag and drop.

Once you are ready to submit images, you can either drag and drop the images in or click on UPLOAD MORE to have more images here.

When you have finished putting the images in the positions, you will be able to submit the images by clicking on the blue SUBMIT button.

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