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Final selection/ Pre-selection in Vendor Portal
Final selection/ Pre-selection in Vendor Portal
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Depending on the account set up, you as a vendor will be able to submit the images to the following steps directly in Vendor Portal:

  • Final Selection

  • Pre-selection

  • Pre-selection by positions


The auto map function can be triggered with Final Selection and Pre-selection by positions. While with Pre-selection, you can only upload images.

Final Selection/ Pre-selection by positions

You will be able to map the images to their corresponding positions. With manual upload, you can simply drag and drop the images from the left to the panel on the right. With auto map feature, Creative Force will automatically map the files.

When the green checkmark appears next to all required positions and the ‘submit’ button is clickable, you can send the images to your client.


If your account is set up to upload images to pre-selection, you only need to upload images and click ‘submit’. However, Creative Force will show you how many positions and how many images are needed for this product to avoid any missing files.

In the example below, on the right panel, you can see there are three positions needed and each position needs from one to two images.

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