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How to set up Vendor Portal account as a vendor
How to set up Vendor Portal account as a vendor
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What is Creative Force and the Vendor Portal?

Creative Force is a Production Management System that allows Photo Studios, Brands and Retailers to manage their product photography workflows within one easy-to-use system.

We have built our Vendor Portal feature to enable our customers to bring in images that they have not produced themselves.

Your client will be able to invite you to use their Vendor Portal by creating you as a user. If you have multiple users submitting images to your client, they are able to create separate accounts for each one of your team members.

Once they have set up your user, you will receive an invite like the below to your email.

By clicking on the SETUP ACCOUNT button, it will then open up a new tab which will then prompt you to complete the set up of your account with a password alongside your first and last name.

Once done, you will be taken to a competition screen that will then lead back to the log in screen.

When logging into the Vendor portal we will give you the option to log in via email and password, or via a magic link that is sent to your email.

The first time that you log in you will be asked on the right-hand side to accept the invitation from your customer.

Once done, you can then access the Request Inbox where you can then go in and start uploading your images!

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