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How to create account for your Vendor
How to create account for your Vendor
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The vendor portal will allow you to bring in existing imagery from your vendors to use and manage through Creative Force. But first, you will need to create an account for your vendor and set the VPI settings (optional).

Create Vendor account

When you go to your Studio settings, you can access your vendors by selecting PRODUCT VENDOR on the left side menu. Here, you can add a new vendor manually by clicking on ADD. Alternatively, you can also import your vendors via the IMPORT button.

Once you have created your vendor it will appear in the PRODUCT VENDOR tab. When you hover over a vendor, you will have the option to:

  • Actions: Disable or Delete the vendor.

  • Edit: Edit the details of that vendor.

When you click on EDIT you are then presented with the option to change the name of the Vendor, enable or disable the vendor, and define the Image Request Level.

Within the USERS tab, you can add additional users for a specific vendor.

Your vendor will be able to use auto map to positions when you set the image request level at Final selection and Pre-selection By Position. While with Pre-selection, they will be able to put the images in a bucket for a product.


If you change the Image Request Level after importing the products into Creative Force, in order to apply the changes, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Reset the product back to Photography

  2. Change the source to Photo Provided

  3. Change the source to Vendor Provided

If you don't change the source after changing the image request level, the products will follow the previous logic.

Set VPI settings

This part is optional, but it could be of great help in keeping the production streamlining. You can find the VPI Settings in General Settings under your Studio settings.

Every time you create a vendor job, you get to pick a due date for the job. If the vendor does not submit the images by the due date, you can ‘Do Nothing’ meaning wait until the vendor provides the images, or ‘Change the source to Photo Production” meaning your team will know that this job needs to be produced in-house.

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