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How to print Project Sheets in Editorial

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Project Sheets are printable sheets that provide both the project code (+ scannable barcode) and the deliverable code (+ scannable barcode) for each deliverable associated with the project.

On set, this gives the photographer the ability to scan or enter the project or deliverable code into Kelvin which will allow the team on set to click through and upload images at the project or deliverable level.

How to Print a Project Sheet

First, you’ll want to navigate to your project in Creative Force. Next, select the Actions menu in the upper right-hand corner and click “Print Project Sheet” from the drop-down.

You should now see the option to Select Print Configuration. If no options are available the printer configuration will need to be set up by an Admin user under Studio Settings > Printer Configurations. To read more about printer configurations check this article: Printer Configurations

You’ll now be able to review the list of deliverables and barcodes associated with the project and print your sheet.

The project sheet can now be passed to your team on set to scan project and deliverable codes in Kelvin.

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