Editorial Projects: An Overview

Learn how to navigate Editorial Projects in Creative Force

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Below is a directory of the different components within an editorial project in Creative Force.

Main Actions Menu

The main actions menu for a project can be found on the top right of the screen just below the studio name. From this menu, you are able to edit the project information, view and add project managers, print the project sheet, delete the project, as well as access the debug information.

Project Overview Panel

To the left of the screen, you will find the project overview panel containing the project manager, project code, status bar, components, project deadline, and any custom project data that your team has set up.


The first of three tabs available to you on the main project window is the Deliverables tab. Via the Actions menu users can edit deliverables, export sample sheets, print the creative brief, update deliverables via sheet, look at the Deliverables Overview, as well as delete deliverables.

Next to the actions menu, you will find the Assign button. When clicked, a slide-out window will appear from the right side of the screen. This is where users with the Project Manager role are able to assign products, samples, images, documents, presets, and users to the various deliverables via drag and drop.

Within the individual deliverables, there is one additional three-dot menu, the menu is similar to the options offered from the Actions menu with the addition of the 'Change Owner' action where you can add or update the deliverable owner.


From the assets tab, users are able to view all assets associated with a particular project. Additionally, you are able to filter and download assets, as well as quickly create contact sheets based on your defined filters.


In Editorial, the project’s components include the documents, images, samples, and products available to and associated with that particular project. The components can be accessed in two ways. The first is the main window on the project screen by clicking the blue 'components' button. This will reveal a drop-down menu where you may select the section you’d like to navigate to. The second is as mentioned above, to the left of the screen you are able to access each of the component categories separately.

Within components, you are able to access the following:


The first option from the components drop-down is the documents page. This is where all of the documents associated with the project are housed. You can read more about project documents here. From this screen, you have the option to search for a particular document, download or remove documents as well as add new documents via file upload or from a cloud resource.


Under the images tab, you will find all images associated with that particular project. From this screen, Creative Force also gives you the ability to search for an image or delete, download or duplicate images via the Actions menu. From this screen, you are also able to add images via direct upload or upload from Kelvin. You can find more information on adding images here.

Products and Samples

The last options from the components dropdown are Products and Samples. This is where you are able to view all of the products or samples associated with a particular project. Similarly to the components above, you are able to search for products and samples, as well as edit, update and remove products and samples via the actions button. Lastly, Creative Force allows you to add new products or samples to the project via the add button. You can read more about project products here and work with project samples here.

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