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How to Add Samples to Editorial Projects

Adding samples to projects in Editorial

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In order for samples to be added to your projects in Editorial, you’ll first need to import them. This will allow your samples to be available to be assigned to your project deliverables. Please note, that you can edit and add samples at any time before Asset Delivery, adding samples prior to production is not required. Below we’ve outlined the various ways to import sample data into projects in Creative Force Editorial.

The maximum number of samples that can be added to a project is 300.

Finding the Samples Page

To find the samples page, first, select your project within Editorial and navigate to the Components tab. From there you’ll want to select samples from the drop-down. This is where all existing samples live as well as where you are able to import new samples.

Adding New Samples to a Project

There are four ways to add products to your project in Editorial

  1. Paste Sample Codes

  2. File Upload

  3. From Scan

  4. From Samples

Paste Sample Codes

To use the Paste Sample Codes method, simply paste a list of product codes copied from a spreadsheet or another list. Remember that each row should only contain a single sample code.

File Upload

Similar to how you might upload products on the E-comm side of Creative Force. In Editorial you also have the option to upload a file with a list of sample codes to be imported to your project. Simply browse or drag and drop the file into the upload box as seen below.

From Scan

If your studio is utilizing a data source where sample information is being pulled into Creative Force, you have the option to upload samples by scanning the sample's barcode label or entering manually.

From E-comm

If your studio is utilizing the E-comm side of Creative Force you have the option to pull samples over from E-comm into your projects in Editorial. Once selected, you will see a sidebar appear that shows a list of samples available to be pulled into Editorial.

From this view you have the option to filter by a wide range of criteria. Once you have located the samples(s) you’d like to add, simply drag and drop them into the Project Samples box.

Using the three view option icons at the top, you are able to view your samples in a list, in a list with a thumbnail, or just as thumbnails.

From the actions menu, you have the ability to:

  • Edit Selected Samples

  • Edit Selected Products (from the products tab)

  • Change the location of a Sample

  • Update the samples from a data source

  • Print sample labels

  • Remove selected samples

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