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Editorial Assets Tab Overview and Creating Contact Sheets
Editorial Assets Tab Overview and Creating Contact Sheets

How to create contact sheets in Editorial

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A handy feature within the Editorial Module of Creative Force is the ability to create contact sheets. Contact sheets are a versatile tool that can be utilized by various members of the creative team, including Photographers, Art Directors, and Stylists. Before we dive into how to create a contact sheet in Creative Force, let’s take a look at where the process begins: The Assets Tab.

Assets Tab

The assets tab within a project in Editorial is where you will find all of the images you have added to a project, it’s similar to the Creative Force Assets page, but with for a specific project.

For example, within project assets, you can download images by selecting 'download' from the Actions dropdown:

You also can search for images using the file name by selecting the magnifying glass which will reveal a search field. And, you can also use and apply filters to view all assets that match defined criteria such as all assets associated with the same product code or deliverable.

If the filters selected will be frequently used, you can also save the view by selecting the “Default View” dropdown and clicking 'Save as New View'.

Contact Sheets

Now that you know your way around project Assets, let’s move on to creating a contact sheet.

The first step is to select all of the images you like included on the contact sheet. Once highlighted, click the blue Contact Sheet button in the top right-hand corner.

From here, you’ll be taken to a preview of the contact sheet where you have the option to make some adjustments to fit specific needs and preferences. Click the switches icon on the top toolbar to make the following changes:

  • The size of the thumbnails

  • The amount of asset and project information you’d like displayed

  • The order in which the images will be displayed on the sheet

Once the contact sheet is formatted to your liking, all that is left to do is print. Click the blue 'Print’ button to open up printer preferences or download the contact sheet as a PDF.

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