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How to set printer configurations in Create Force

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Where to find the settings

Browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings", under 'Production Settings' and select "Printer Configurations".

Here you will find a list of the configurations you already have set up and the option to add a new one. 

How to add a new printer configuration

Click on "Add" and enter the name you want to use and select the printer and layout you want to use.
You can read more about the Network Printer setup here.

The new configuration is now added to the list, marked with a blue dot indicating it is a new one.

How will it be used

You are now good to go. Every time you want to print you have the option to choose between the printer configurations you have set up.
Example: Find a product and click on "Print sample label" you will see a popup where you can choose between the once you have set up.

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