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Centrally managing updates to HUE & Kelvin for large teams
Centrally managing updates to HUE & Kelvin for large teams

Update HUE & Kelvin on mass

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In case your studio has software managed centrally by your IT team, Creative Force supports a number of different ways of mass rollouts, and silent updates of HUE and Kelvin.

In terms of installation, we support the following installation packages for HUE and Kelvin:

  • .pkg files for MacOS

  • .exe files for Windows

  • .msi files for Windows (For silent installs on Windows machines using platforms like Microsoft SCCM)

Note for .msi files installs:

  • Only one of a .msi file install or .exe install can be done on a given machine

  • For .msi installs it can only be done for "All Users" on a machine and the installer must have Admin access to the machine

They can all be accessed directly from:

For updates, this will be managed directly by Kelvin and HUE’s built-in update functionality. However, if updates are also managed centrally you can use the below URL’s to monitor new versions and rollout accordingly.



The best practice tip would be to set up a script to monitor one of the above URL’s to see when new versions are available and act as needed.

Disabling Auto Updates

If updates need to be managed completely by IT, then you may want to apply a “CF_DISABLE_APP_AUTO_UPDATE” system environment variable to the relevant machines.

Click here to know more about setting up the system environment variable.

The variable name is CF_DISABLE_APP_AUTO_UPDATE

The value is true/false

The default value is false, if the variable does not exist the system will see it as false.

If the Account Owner/Administrator changes the variable to true then:

  • The auto-update function will be stopped

  • User will not see the “check now” for updates button on the About Hue/Kelvin dialog box

  • The option to “Automatically download update” will be hidden

  • User will not see when there is a new version available for download

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