Where to find Final Selection

To perform Final Selection in Gamma you must browse to the top menu "Task" and click on the submenu "Final Selection".
In here you will find a kanban view with 3 columns "To do", "Doing" and "Done".
In "To do" you can pick and start the tasks you want to work on and they will move to "doing" once they are started.

Final Selection on a generic pre-selection

If the workflow is asking the photographer to upload a generic suite of images you will as an Art Director have to drag the final images to the position in the Style Guide provided for the product. If the photography team has added star-ratings to the images, you can use these to narrow the range of images displayed in the film-strip view.
You can view and rate the images and drag them to the right position to ensure that everything that is needed is sent to Post-Production. 

When you have filled in all the images required for the style guide you can hit the "Continue" button in the top right corner and move on to the next task. 

Final Selection on pre-selection by position

If the workflow is asking the photographer to upload a suite of images by each position in the Style Guide you will as an Art Director perform final selection by each position.
You can view and rate the images and then deselect until you have the correct suit of images for all positions - once you have that you can click the "Continue" button in the top right corner.

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How to add instructions and markings

No matter which of the above you are doing you are able to do instructions for the Post-Production.
You do that by selecting an image and hit "ALT + I" or click in the three-dot menu and hit "Mark for instructions" when you have marked the ones you need to do instructions on you can hit "Continue".

When you click "Continue" you will move to the step where you can make your instructions. Here you can write a general text for all the images, and you can do individual markings and text.
When you are done with all your instructions you click "Continue" and you are done. 

Upload Images on Final Selection

Creative Force allows the user to upload additional images. This enables the user to modify the suite of imagery associated with the product without resetting the product back to the photography step.

Final selection

Final selection on position level

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