Pre-Selection in Editorial

How to assign images to deliverables and make pre-selections in Editorial

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Once your team has wrapped up production, it’s time to get your images moving into post-production. In the following article, we’ll show you how to assign your images to deliverables and make your pre-selections.

Assigning Images to Deliverables

In order to complete the Photography step, you’ll first need to assign images to your deliverable. To do this, navigate to the deliverable within your Editorial Project and select the “Pre-selections” tab. The action is available on both the deliverable slide-out as well as the main deliverable page. See below for examples.

Once you’re on the pre-selection page, you’ll want to navigate to the blue “Assign Images” button. From here, you have the option to upload images from your computer or an external drive directly to your deliverable, or you can select from Project Images. Project images, are images that were previously uploaded to the project either via Direct Upload or through Kelvin. Check out our article Adding Images to Editorial Projects for a step-by-step guide.

To assign via upload, simply drag and drop images directly into the upload window.

When selecting from project images, a panel will slide out from the right side. You have the following options:

  • Search: Search for images by entering the file name

  • All: View and select from all images in a project

  • Unassigned: View and select from all images in a project that have not been assigned to a deliverable

  • Assigned: View and Select from all images that have been assigned to a deliverable.

Once you have sorted to your preference, you are able to select all images you like to assign to the deliverable and click the blue “Add” button.

Pre-selection in Editorial

The Photography step in Editorial is automatically added to every workflow. As mentioned above, the Photography step in Editorial encompasses adding and assigning images to your deliverables and selecting which images will move forward to Final Selection.

Making pre-selections in Editorial couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve added images to your editorial project, simply navigate to the Pre-selection tab of the Deliverable fly-out. From here, you’ll have the option to make pre-selections by checking the circle in the upper right-hand corner and your images. You can view the images full screen by selecting the arrows icon.

You also have the option to add instructions and marking in Pre-selection for the Internal and External Post production team(s). Right-click any image and select "Mark for Instruction" from the dropdown menu. Next, click continue and you will be brought to the instructions and markings screen. Toggle between Internal and External Post tabs (if applicable) to leave notes for each team separately.

Once you’ve made your selection and added your instructions, simply hit “Save & Continue” to push the images onto Final Selection.

A few other handy tools within the selection window include the ability to click on any image to view it full screen and zoom and the ability to resize the thumbnails:

As well as the option to download and bulk unassign images. Note that images can also be unassigned individually by unchecking the blue circle in the right-hand corner of every image.

Once you’ve completed Pre-selection, the Photography step of your Editorial Workflow will be marked complete:


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