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Moving Assets Through Final Selection in Editorial

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Once your team has assigned images to your Deliverables and completed the pre-selection step, your images will move to Final Selection (reminder you must ensure that a Final Selection step has been added to the workflow in Editorial in order for this step to be completed). Final Selection in Editorial works similarly to Final Selection in Editorial, simply head to the Final Selection tab from the Tasks Tab:

At this stage, you have the option to assign the Final Selection task to a member of your team directly from the workflow:

Alternatively, users have the option to pick the Final Selection tasks from the Final Selection To-do Kanban. Additionally, you have the option to Filter by Content Type > Editorial:

You can then select and open the task to make your Final Selections. At this stage, you also have the option to view Alts or images that were sent to Pre-selection but not selected for Final Selection. Alts can be swapped for the images selected at Pre-selection.

Additionally, you have the option to add instructions and mark-up for Internal and External Post Production. Simply right-click the image and select "Mark for Instruction"

Once complete, hit "Continue" and you'll be brought to the Mark-up screen. Use the tools on the left to leave markings and the text field on the right panel to add notes and instructions:

Once you have selected the final assets and added any necessary instructions, press 'continue' to push the images onto the next step in the workflow.

Note: The maximum number of characters supported in each annotation note and comment is 512 characters.

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