To access the Style guide settings, browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on Style Guides. Select a Style Guide, hover over the cover image and hit 'edit'. Select 'Photography' in the left-hand menu.

Style Guide 'Photography'

In the Photography settings of the Style Guide, you can define the different positions to be produced separated by production type.
Select the production type to be viewed or worked on by clicking on the shown icon:

Note: The production types to be produced for a Style Guide are defined on workflow level. If you are not seeing the correct Production Type please double-check the selected workflow.

Once you have selected a production type you can add/edit production type-specific descriptions and files.

Style guide positions

As mentioned earlier, the Positions on the Style Guide describe the different views or angles to be produced of a product. You can add as many Positions as you like.
Following settings can be made on position level:

Target shot
Upload a target shot for each position. The target shot will be displayed in the photography / final selection step and should reflect a god example for the position.

Position name
Define a name for each position. The position name will be displayed for the photography / final selection steps and should describe the position.

Shot count
Define the shot count for each position. The shot count contains the logic of how many images need to be uploaded to the position. You can select between:

Range - To define a range of shoots produced/uploaded to the position.

Exact - To define an exact number of images to be produced/uploaded to the position.

Unlimited - To give the option to produce/upload in an unlimited amount of images to the position, including a minimum amount.

Optional Position
Define if the whole position should be optional by checking the toggle optional.

Position-specific description and files
dd/edit position-specific descriptions and files by clicking the icons below.

Position Settings
Every position can have its dedicated settings. In the settings you can define:

  • Position type - The position can have two different types, normal and ghost mannequin. A 'normal' position type contains no additional logic. A 'ghost mannequin' position type requires to upload up to 5 additional inclips in the final selection step.

  • Hero position - Is the 'hero position' checked will this position be used as preview thumbnail for tasks. Hero positions can also be filtered in 'Asset Hub'.

  • Enforce 'alts' and Photo review -  Both of these settings are related to the workflow step 'Photo review'. When 'Photo review' is activated on the selected workflow, you can define if a specific amount of alternatives needs to be added to this position in final selection and if photo review is required for this position (Photo review - custom positions).

You can access the position settings by hitting the Icon below.

Additional Positions can be added by hitting the button below:

When you hover over the position, more editing options appear on the right side of the position. With below icons, you can:

  • move/adjust the order of the position

  • Delete the position

  • duplicate the position (incl. its settings) 

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