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How to set up properties in Creative Force

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Properties are the means to enrich your data systematically. With properties, you can easily filter your data to find what you need or utilize properties to categorize data neatly.

Where to find Properties

Navigate to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings", under 'Data Management' and select ‘Properties’. You will see a list of properties for Jobs as the default view.

Those that do not have the bin icon are system-reserved properties that can not be removed.

You can select other properties via the dropdown.

Learn more about 'Display & Alert settings' here.

How to create a Property

You can create your own custom properties by hitting "Add Property". Select Property entity, Property type, and fill in the Property name. If the property name matches the column header in your job import file, the data will automatically be mapped to this property.

NEVER change the name or delete a property that is already in use in imported data.

How to use property in naming files or folders

After creating the property, you can add value to that property by importing the property values while importing jobs or editing a product manually. Click here to learn how to update properties in bulk.

All of the properties created in the system will be found in the Merge fields. You can select multiple merge fields to create your asset names or folder names.

System properties are generated by the system with the below logic:

  • Date: is populated according to UTC time

  • Date Time: is populated according to the Client's timezone

  • Sequence number: click here to learn about sequence number


Max number of custom properties for:

  • Product: 400

  • Sample: 100

  • Job: 50

  • Outfit: 20

  • User: 50

  • Location: 20

  • Style guide: 20

  • Style guide position: 20

  • Style guide production type: 20

  • Model: 20

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