Where to find Properties

Browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings" and then click on the sub-menu "Properties" you will see a list of properties for Jobs.

Those marked with a padlock are system reserved properties.

You can select other properties via the dropdown

How to create a Property

You can create you own custom properties by hitting the button "Add Property" and select the entity and type you want to create and give it a name.  If the property name matches the column header in your job import file, the data will automatically be mapped to this property.

The only mandatory properties in your job data are a unique identifier for your products (Product Code) and a category trigger used to match to the correct Style Guide (Category).
Important to note: if you use any custom data for naming the final assets, you should create a property to receive this data import it with the job.
NEVER change the name or delete a property that is already used in imported data.

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