To access the Style guide settings, browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on Style Guides. Select a Style Guide, hover over the cover image and hit 'edit'. Select 'Assets' in the left-hand menu.

Style Guide 'Assets'

In the Style Guide setting 'Assets' the final asset output naming and the preset per position can be defined.  

To add/edit the preset on the position, click in the upper drop-down menu and select the correct preset. Per default, no preset is selected. Selecting a preset is optional.

Note: Preset are defined on client level which can be found in the 'studio settings'. If a preset is selected on position level, it will be displayed in all tasks screens e.g. external post-production QC and will enable Auto QC. 

Assets Output Name
To add/edit the asset output name for a position, click in the text field and/or select one or more properties to define the final asset output name.

Note: The defined output name will be applied in the final selection step. 

Variant specific
If the setting 'variant specific' is switched on, the asset output name can be defined on the preset-variant level.

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