Style Guide 'Assets'

Add/edit the final asset naming convention on the Style Guide

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To access the Style guide settings, navigate to your studio logo in the top right corner and choose Style Guides. Hover over a Style Guide and click ‘Edit’. Select 'Assets' in the left-hand menu.

Style Guide 'Assets'

At the top, you can see the production types you have in your workflow. In each production type, you can set up the naming convention for the assets in each position and in each preset.

By default, no preset is selected. To choose a preset, click the drop-down menu next to each position. This menu will show all the presets you have created for the client.

Note: If a preset is selected on position level, it will be displayed in all tasks screens e.g. external post-production QC, and will enable Auto QC.

Assets Output Name

To add/edit the asset output name for a position, click in the text field and/or select one or more properties to define the final asset output name.

Note: The defined output name will be applied in the final selection step.

Delivery matrix

You can also designate the files to each delivery option. Simply add multiple delivery options to the workflow and control the routing via the delivery matrix interface.

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