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How to set up conditional rules

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While it’s common to have multiple production types and positions built out in your workflows and style guides, we understand that not all products have the same image requirements and you may not always need all of the production types or Style Guide positions. This is where conditional rules come in handy. Conditional rules allow you to set when the production types are turned on or off and when specific positions are required based on your product data.

To find the conditional rules, go to ‘Style guide’ and edit the style guide you need to have the rules.

Conditional rules for production types

To create the conditional rules, go to Photography and click the '3-cubes' icon next to the production type.

The settings box will appear for you to set the rules. You can set up the rules depending on:

  • Property: The properties you created under Studio settings

  • Source: When the source is Photo production or Vendor provided

Depending on the property type, if it is free text or list of options, your settings here will be ‘equals’, ‘contains’ or ‘is empty’... etc

With the above example, the production type will be enabled when:

  • The source is Photo Production

  • And have the Brand as Brand X

  • And have the Color as Black

If the property type is date and date time, your settings will be ‘before’, ‘after’ or ‘equals’...etc

With this example, after updating the conditional rules, the On Model production type will be turned on only when a product meets all the following conditions:

  • Brand is GQ

  • Gender is not Unisex

  • Color contains Black

  • Marketing time is 18 Nov 2021

If the above conditions are not met, the On Model will be disabled automatically.

You can also add more conditions to your rule by clicking ‘add section’. The rule now has 2 clauses. Creative Force will look for a match with the first clause and then move to the next one.

After setting up, Creative Force will show you if this production type has conditional rules.

Conditional rules for positions

To create conditional rules for positions, click the setting icon next to the position and then choose ‘Conditions’.

With Production rule, you can choose to enable/ disable this position when:

  • Producing an outfit

  • Not producing an outfit

This is useful when you want to provide additional shots for the ‘Shop The Look’ on your website.

For example, the beliw’ style guide has 3 positions Front - Back - Details, the last one has this condition set up: ‘Active when not producing an outfit’.

This means that when you scan product ZL09384-946 which has 2 outfits in Kelvin, the ‘Details’ position won’t be available.

With Property rule, you can set up conditions among all the properties you have created.

With Source rule, you can choose between Photo production or Vendor provided.

Once the conditions are set up on the position(s), Creative Force will show this icon to notify you.

Conditional rules for variants

You can now control when and if, a variant is active, based on: data, production situation, or source.


If you are not sure yet when to use 'AND' - 'OR' you can read more explanations here.

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