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Much like Collections in Ecom, Collections in Editorial will give you the ability to share your images at scale with your external reviewers.

When the tasks reach Post Review, you can add those to Collections. More info about Post Review in Editorial is here.

Before using Collections, you will need to set up your Sharing settings in your studio, please refer to ‘External Sharing general setup' in this article. And set up your role to have ‘Edit’ right on Collaboration.

Collection page

Once you have Edit right for Collections, you will be able to access this page in Gamma and create collections.

This is the main page where you can see all of the available collections, the results you see here are filtered by your client’s access level and your user’s time zone settings. Similar to other pages in Gamma, you will have different filters to create, save and share your own view to other members. You can also select between a Grid view or a List view.

When hovering over the collection, you will see some different icons and options:

  • Copy link

  • Open in new tab - which we will talk about in Collections review section

  • Three-dot menu will give you the option to:

    • Disable: is to disable the collection and you can enable it again

    • Delete: is to delete the collection

    • Duplicate: will come in handy when you want to copy all productions, invited users and experience settings to the new collection.

    • Debug info: will come in handy when you need to reach out to our support

Clicking on the collection, the slide-in will come from the right-hand side giving you extra info about that collection. And, of course, you can edit the collection anytime you want.

Collection creation and sharing

In Editorial, you can choose to share several deliverables for external review in a Collection from the Post Review kanban screen.

Or, you can have a single deliverable automatically shared in a pre-configured and auto-created workflow Collection.

Collection creation and sharing multiple deliverables for review

In Editorial, set up your workflow with a single Post Review step or Rounds of Review enabled on the Post Review step.

After adding the Post Review step or enabling Round of Review, click ‘Save’ to save the workflow.

When the tasks are To Do at Post Review, you can start adding those to your Collection.

You can create a Collection from Post Review kanban screen by selecting the tasks you want to share from the kanban, and clicking ‘Share’.

You will then see a similar setup screen appear. From here configure the sharing settings of your Collection as per your preference and send invitations for review.

You can find this collection on the Collection page where you can edit the collection’s name and description as well as the sharing settings.

Configuring a workflow Collection to automatically share a single deliverable for review

In Editorial, collections can also be pre-configured in a deliverable’s workflow in order to automatically share a Post Review task or a Round of Review for a single deliverable.

After adding the Post Review step or enabling Round of Review, click ‘Save’ to save the workflow.

You can then go ahead and setup the sharing settings and experience settings for this specific deliverable’s workflow task. You will need to click Done and then Save to add this to the workflow. After completing the setup here, the Post Review step or Round of Review is at To Do. The 'Share' or 'Copy link' button will not be available at this stage.

You can find this collection on the Collection page, its default name follows this format Project name_Deliverable name. Or if there are rounds of review enabled, the default name will be Project name_Deliverable name_Round number. Of course, you can edit the collection’s name and description as well as the sharing settings.

The share link to this workflow Collection will be auto-generated once the Post Review step status is In Progress. Therefore, the task will not be shared with external users until that point.

You will need to go to the Post Review kanban to pick and start this task so the step status is In Progress.

Once the Post Review step or Round of Review is In Progress, Creative Force will automatically send email notifications inviting your list of reviewers to review that particular deliverable.

You can also copy the auto-generated share link from the Post Review task detail view or the Deliverable workflow view.

However, with a pre-configured workflow collection created from a single Post Review task or Round of Review in Editorial, you will not be able to edit, add new production tasks or remove any tasks after the collection has been created. You will not be able to disable an editorial collection either.


  • You can add up to 1000 tasks to one collection

Reviewing collection assets

Once invitations have been sent, your reviewers will receive an email notification inviting them to review the assets shared in the Collection.

From that point, your reviewers can start viewing assets, control thumbnail size, search for assets, make markups/comments. On your left hand side, you can see all the collections you have access to. Depending on your access level, you can approve, reject, leave comments or markings on the images.

Collaborating with Collection Reviewers from Gamma

At first glance, you can see real time tracking of who has seen, commented, and made decision (S C D). You can also see the status of the review tasks within your collection.

  • Blank dot shows the task is at To Do

  • Blue dot shows the task is In Progress

  • Green dot shows the task is Done

  • Red dot shows the task is Rejected

From Gamma, you can track real time progress of decision making and comments from the Post Review task view and Collections detail view.

You can review the assets and leave comments,markings, @mentions, replies, and reactions for other reviewers to see by double clicking on the asset. After leaving a comment, there will be a text and a pencil icons on the thumbnail images.

You can also mark for rejection and promote which comments should be turned into rejection reasons.


  • If the task owner(s) approves all of the assets in the collection created in Round of Review, the tasks will be Auto Done and pushed to the next step in the workflow without any actions from the Task Owner.

  • If the collection is created with a Post Review step, when Post Review is reset, the collection will remain in the system, however, the S C D values, markings and instructions will be removed.

  • If the collection is created with a Post Review step, when Post Review is removed from the workflow, the collection will be deleted. The sent invitation(s) will become invalid.

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