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Ecomm: Share for External Review (coming soon)
Ecomm: Share for External Review (coming soon)
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Share for External Review, as stated in its name, is a feature that you can use to let people outside of Creative Force have access to your images where they can review, leave comments, reject or approve them. This feature completely eliminates the complexity of storing files between drives and the difficulty in communicating between multiple people across time zones.

Share for External Review is also available in our Editorial module here. This article will walk you through the setup for the Ecom module.


Share for External Review is available when the tasks reach Post Review. Learn more about Post Review here.

External Sharing general setup

Share via email

In order to Share for External Review, you must first ensure that sharing is enabled under studio settings. To enable, head to Studio Settings > Collection and toggle the switch:

You have the option to limit who can be invited by adding allowed domains to the Domain Allow List. If no domains are added, by default, all email domains will be allowed.

Sharing Portal Design

When a user logs in to action the External Review task, they will see the Sharing Portal screen. Here, you can set up how the login screen looks like for the users.

First, you can upload your own studio logo. Click ‘Branding settings’ and you will be brought to the General settings, where you can upload a Dark and/or Bright logo.

Second, you can Upload images to display on the login screen. Click ‘Preview’ to view the layout of the login screen.

Client Specific Settings

Additionally, you have the option to create unique domain-allow lists and sharing portal designs for each of your clients. This is available within the client-specific settings.

Once sharing settings have been set up, head to the Post Review task to start inviting External Reviewers.

Managing Notifications

As a Creative Force user, you have the option to define your notification settings in Gamma. Navigate to Studio > My Settings > Notifications to set your preferences:

As a task owner, you have the option to receive an email notification every time an action is taken on your task, or you can opt for an email summary of all notifications to be sent at the end of each day:

Lastly, you’ll decide for which events you’d like to receive a notification from the options below:

External Review task setup

People with access

From within Gamma, the user assigned to the Post Review task has the ability to invite both users within Creative Force and External Reviewers to the Post Review task. To invite a user, open the task in Post Review and select the Share button:

You will then see a settings box for the review task.


  • The ‘Copy link’ button will create a direct link for the invitees to access the task. This direct link will expire after 30 days.

First, you can invite people from within the studio or from the domain list you have set up in the above step.

Second, as the task owner, you have the option to choose from three permission levels for invitees:

  • Viewer: Can view images, comments and mark-ups

  • Commenter: Able to use mark-up tools and commenting

  • Decision Maker: Able to mark images as “Approve All” or “Reject All”


Please note that the decision-maker action (whether approving or rejecting a suite of images) is to inform the task owner of the stakeholders' definitive decision about the suite of images, but will not automatically move the suite to the next step in the workflow.

Experience settings

By default, the feedback and decisions are shown to everyone. However, you can set this up differently per your preference.

  • Allow download: by default, it is disabled

  • Feedback visibility: you can choose to show it to everyone or to CF users only

  • Decision visibility: you can choose to show it to everyone or to CF users only

  • Asset elements: by default, the filename is displayed

  • Sort order: you can sort by filename or photography date

Click “Save” after adding the email and defining the permission to apply the update.

When someone is invited to review, they will receive an email invitation to where they can access their task.

Role specific access to External Review task

After accepting the invitation to review the task, users that have specific role assigned will have different access level to the task.


As stated in the name, the Viewer can only view the images. Here, they have the ability to change the thumbnail size, view the image in fullscreen, view the comments (if available), search for the filename if they are assigned to view multiple images.


The commenter can, of course, leave their comments on the images. Here, they will have the same functionality as in the mark-up interface in Gamma.

Decision maker

Other than viewing the images and leaving comments, the decision maker can let the Task Owner about their decision on the task.

Here, the decision maker will have the ability to select between:

  • Approve all

  • Approve all (with changes)

  • Reject all

  • Undecided

Note: The action taken by the decision-makers does not affect the task status, the task will stay on the “Post Review” step until the task owner takes the action based on the decision maker feedback.

Task owner

All comments and selected decisions are updated in real time for the Task Owner and the other roles. After receiving the opinions from the other role, the task owner can take the final action on the task.

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