How to Build an Editorial Workflow

Creating Editorial Workflows

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Defining Editorial Workflows

Your team has worked hard and all images for the deliverables have been shot and selected. You might be thinking, “what’s next?”. That’s where workflows come in.

Workflows determine what process the final images will go through in order to complete post-production including retouching, QC, and final delivery.

How to Create a Workflow

Workflows can be accessed and edited in two places.

The first is within the deliverable overview slide-out. Head to the deliverables tab within the project. Select the deliverable and the “workflow” tab within the deliverable overview slide-out.

The second is the broader deliverable view, navigate here by clicking the blue “View Button”

Workflows can be accessed and edited from either location, in the following example, we’ll be building a workflow from the broader view within the deliverable itself.

To begin, you’ll have the option of creating the workflow steps from scratch or choosing a previously created workflow that has been saved as a workflow template. You can find more information on saving workflows as templates here. Every workflow in Editorial will automatically contain a Photography and Final Selection step, you can read more on Photography and Pre-selection here. The Photography step is required on every workflow, the Final Selection step is optional.

To create a workflow from scratch you’ll first select the “+” symbol following the Photography or Final Selection steps and populate your workflow with the steps the asset will need to take to complete its post-production journey. The order of these steps is up to the discretion of you and your team. Once your workflow steps are in place, you’ll need to add a bit more information to finalize the workflow.

First, you’ll have the option to assign users to the various steps. Reminder, that users must have the skill listed on the task enabled within studio settings in order to be assigned. You can read more on that here.

From the internal post step, you have the option to add instructions for the post-production team. Simply select the “Add Instructions” button and a window will appear where you are able to view and mark up images, write out new or additional instructions for the team, as well as view instructions left by the photographer in Kelvin.

The various colors allow you to color code markings which makes matching markings to notes and comments a breeze.

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure you establish an asset delivery location. To do so, simply click on the dropdown menu under “asset delivery” and select the desired delivery location.

After adding all the needed steps, you can click 'Save' to apply the workflow.

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