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Post Review is where you can review the product one last time before pushing it to the final Asset delivery. During the Post Review step, you will need to gather additional comments and decisions from different parts of your team, this process is usually done in sequence and now you can do it within Creative Force with Rounds of Review.

Before enabling Rounds of Review, you will need to add Post Review step to your workflow. Click here to read more about Post Review.

Enable Rounds of Review

Once you have added Post Review, click the three-dot menu to enable Rounds of Review.

By default, there will be two rounds of review created, you can remove or add more rounds to your preference. You can add up to five rounds of review. If you don’t enable Rounds of Review, there will be just one round of review.


  • User can remove/add and disable Rounds of Review on a Post Review step while a Round Task is running.

  • After disable, the Round tasks will be deleted and Post Review step is reset.

Setup task access

Task owner

By default, the task owner is set to Anyone. You can change this to yourself or a specific person by clicking on it. Only Task Owner can start the task.

Share for other people

With each round, you can set up different people with different access levels to your task. Click ‘Share’ to set up the access level.

After that, you will see the settings pop up. Enter the user’s name to add them to the task. There are three levels of access:

  • Decision maker: Able to mark images as “Approve All” or “Reject All”

  • Commenter: Able to use mark-up tools and commenting

  • Viewer: Can view images, comments and mark-ups


  • You can invite up to 50 users including the task owner in one task and multiple people can have the same role.

  • If all decision-makers approve a round of review, the task is automatically Done and moved to the next step in the workflow without any actions from the task owner.

General Access

By default, it is restricted. Only invited people can access it. You can invite any external email. Click here to learn more about Share for External Review.

Experience Settings

Here, there are more access settings that you can configure to the task. You can allow people to download the images, show the feedback or decisions to everyone or only Creative Force users, or show the Assets elements to the users and sort the order of the assets.

After configuring the post-review step, you can save it to your workflow. When in Post Review kanban view, a small tag will show which round the task is currently on, R1 for Round 1, R2 for Round 2.. Etc.

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