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How integrates with Copywriting in Creative Force

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What can be more exciting when your product description is written automatically in your brands unique voice? With your account connected, you’ll get access to text generation models trained specifically for your eComm content creation.

First and foremost, you will need to enable the connector and create the connector app.

The next thing to note is that will be integrated into your copywriting task, so within Creative Force, to use this connector, you will need to create a workflow that has a copywriting production type and then a corresponding style guide. More about these setups can be found below:

Add to style guide’s configuration

Once you have your workflow and style guide created, you can start integrating to your style guide’s configuration.

Note: is integrated with field type ‘Text Area’ only.

When you click ‘Continue’ you will see a section for AI automation.

Click ‘AI Automation’ to set up the configuration per your preference.

Once done, you will see the field with the logo in your style guide configuration.

How works with copywriting task

When opening a task on the Copywriting Kanban view, you will see an icon for automation in the field that has integrated.

From this button, you will see different selections to choose from:

  • Rewrite

  • Shorter

  • Longer

  • Simplify

  • Enrich

  • Adjust

  • Prompt

  • Write more

Depending on which option you choose, will act accordingly based on the existing text you already have in this field.

With the ‘Prompt’ option, you will be able to create a custom command to request to create a text that aligns with your set preferences.

If you want you can click the pencil icon and select between the default options available to edit the text.

When all of the required fields are completed, you can click ‘Continue’ to submit the task.

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