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Copywriting- Kanban View
Copywriting- Kanban View
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After setting up your Workflow and Style Guide and the new "Text" production type for copywriting, you will start to see the first products come into your Copywriting Kanban board.

Through the Tasks tab, you can access the Copywriting function and the associated Copywriting QC step:

Like on other Kanban views, you will be able to filter, search, and sort the tasks. You can also save your personal view:

The left column will display what is in "To Do," and you can pick from the available tasks.

Note: If your workflow setup has Task bundle by style code, you will see the tag 'Style' under the task in this Kanban view.

Once picked, you’ll get to the following screen. This layout can be modified and reordered depending on the configuration in your Style Guide:

Note: If you have Task bundle by Style code, the copywriting can be done in one product and be applied to all products in that bundle.

On the left left-hand side, you will see different boxes that you must fill in to complete the copywriting task. On the right-hand side, you can see the related product data. For the above example, we have two text boxes (Headline and Description) and those allow you to start typing right away. In the text boxes, you will see a required range of characters you have to fill in. The exclamation mark in the top-right corner will let you know that it is a mandatory field you must complete.

All of the work you do on these fields is saved on your user’s account, so you can go back to the task at a later stage and continue your work. You will see the ‘All changes are saved’ message in the top-right corner.

For the "selection fields," you can see the predefined options by clicking on the "+" icon within the field and then quickly selecting the ones that apply to your assets. Again, the predefined list for your drop-down options is all set up in the Style Guide’s configurations.

Lastly, the Asset Viewer Widget will show you the Available Assets for the different production steps.

When you have finished the task and made sure that you have met all the requirements, click "Continue" to send it for quality control, if applicable, and if not, your work will be delivered directly to the designated delivery option.

If your workflow allows 'Auto QA override', when you try to process a task without meeting the set requirements the following warning message will be showing when clicking on “Continue”:

If your workflow does not allow 'Auto QA override', you will not be able to push the task forward without meeting the set requirements.

Copywriting QC

You can choose whether or not you want to include a "Copywriting" quality control stage.

If enabled, the tasks will be shown on the "Copywriting QC" Kanban display, where they can be quickly selected for review:

Once allocated, you will see a view that is quite similar to the one that was previously available at the Copywriting stage.

You can modify/adjust any of the fields in this view. As soon as you make any changes a yellow QC flag will appear, allowing you to give more details about the changes you've made. From there, you can evaluate and discuss your changes with the copywriter:

Please note that a copywriting task cannot be rejected, and if you would prefer to have the copywriter rework rather than making the necessary changes in the QC step, you would need to reset the product back to the copywriting step:

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