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Copywriting - Workflow
Copywriting - Workflow
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The Copywriting feature gives copywriters the ability to see product data, images, and guidelines as they work. It also manages to easily QC copy and track performance all in one place.

This article will go over the workflow setup to get your team started with Copywriting!

Workflow Set-up

After creating a custom production type for the “Text” type under your Studio settings, you can add this production type to a workflow. To add this to a workflow, you’ll just need to enable the “Text” production type under the Workflow Settings:

Once that is selected, the Copywriting tab will appear. Here you can select one of the Copywriting workflows from the dropdown. Currently, there is the Standard Copy Workflow available.

Task initiation

You can set up a certain trigger to start the Copywriting task.

This trigger will determine at which step a copywriter will have access to a task. There are three Task Triggers to choose from:

  • On product creation: The copywriter can begin working on a task as soon as the product is created.

  • A related sample is checked in: The copywriter can begin working on a task as soon as a related sample has been checked in.

  • Photography of any production type is done: The copywriter can begin working on a task as soon as any production type for a product has been completed.

  • Photography of a specific production type is done: The copywriter can begin working on a task as soon as a specific production type has been completed.

Task bundling

Products with the same Style Code can be progressed together in a bundle of products. This means that the copywriter can create content at the style code level applying the same content to all products.

Products can be in a bundle when:

  • Their copywriting task has not started

  • They are on the same Style Guide and Workflow versions

  • Products that are imported before a Bundle task starts, will be grouped together. Products that are imported after a Bundle task starts, will not be grouped.

Combining Task trigger and Task bundling, when a single product has been started, will affect the whole bundle of products.

For example:

Trigger: Task starts when product is checked in

There is a group of 5 products with the same style code

When the first product is checked in, copywriting can now be done for the whole group.

When the task bundle is enabled and your products have the same Style Code, you will be able to see the number of tasks available in that bundle here.


If a Bundle has more than 300 tasks, you will not be able to filter by that style code on Production, Products, Samples and Assets page.


Allow Auto QA, if you enable this box, the copywriters will be able to push the task forward even though they have not reached the set requirements in the style guide for the task.

You can choose to bypass quality control and allow Auto QA for your copywriting tasks.

In the Asset Delivery tab, you will need to assign a delivery location for copywriting assets under the production type:

Once the workflow has been set up, you’re ready to add the Copywriting configurations to a style guide. Learn how to set up the Style Guide here.

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team via Intercom or at

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