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Troubleshooting issues with the Bright River Connector
Troubleshooting issues with the Bright River Connector
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From time to time we will need the Creative Force and Bright River’s development teams to review a particular issue with the integration a little further to see where a problem may lay. For instance, if images are not arriving in Stream, Bright River’s system, or if images are not coming back to Creative Force, from Stream. This article goes over what information is helpful for our teams to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting images not being sent to Stream

When you can see images have been sent from Creative Force, but have not yet arrived in Stream, we will typically need to have the following information:

  • An example product showing that it has been sent to Bright River. Using the Production view can showcase that the production type is at the correct step and the number of images that were sent. Example Below:

  • A fullscreen screenshot from Stream showing the same product is not there at all. Within Stream, the Order ID is the internal number associated with a given product, while the Order Name will be the Product Code that is in Creative Force. You will want to search by the product code in the free text search to see what comes up. Example below:

  • Send over your Gamma Debug Info. This will help the Creative Force developers know a few bits of specific data on your instance.

Note: In the case where some images are sent and others are not, you will want to share examples of a product where one image is missing, and which image it was.

If you see the production type has the status “In Progress” at the external post step, it means we were successful in sending the images to Bright River, but we will gather additional information that we can share with the Bright River team to review. We will also cross-check the logic of the integration to ensure there were no issues.

Troubleshooting images not being received back into Creative Force from Stream

When Bright River has confirmed that they have sent back images to Creative Force, but you are not seeing them in Gamma, it is a similar process of evidence gathering.

  • You will want to share a screenshot of the images that Bright River has delivered back. You can get this information again from your Stream Account, or you can have Bright River provide the evidence from their production system. Below is an example from Bright River’s system:

  • From there you will want to head over to Gamma and show what you can see from the Production View. You can select the column “Sent to External Post”, “Received from External Post”, and “Expected from External Post”

In the cases where only some images are missing, you will want to head over to the Jobs view to get the necessary data for troubleshooting. This article goes over the information necessary for us to review further

  • Send over your Gamma Debug Info. This will help the Creative Force developers know a few bits of specific data on your instance.

Once our Support Team has all of this information, we will be able to raise the issue with our development team for further review. We can also guide you through any of the above steps in case you are having any challenges.

If the issue is not something that is within our scope, we will take all the necessary information and share it directly with the Bright River development team for further review, and will let you know the next steps.

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